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Standard Fund Fund with investments including cash and term deposits , Australian shares plus certain managed Funds & wrap accounts where software (BGL360) data feeds are available.
Complex fund: Fund with investments including any of the above plus foreign investments, unlisted trusts, derivatives, direct property, collectables etc plus managed funds and wraps where software data feed isnt available.
If the selection doesn't match the fund we will contact you to confirm -
We can use your Class or BGL360 licence or, for an additional fee, we can provide access to BGL360 on Supernova licence
If assets are unsegregated and fund contains both pension and accumulation accounts
If you wish Supernova to arrange the Lodgement of Annual Tax Return
Online Residential Property Valuation


New First year fund - is a brand new fund in first year of operation

Transition Existing Fund - Select if you have an existing fund that Supernova is administering for the first time

Renewal Fund Order - Select if Supernova administered the fund last year

Standard fund investments includes cash, Australian shares, managed Funds & wrap accounts supported by BGL360 feeds and term deposits only

Complex fund includes any of above plus unsupported managed funds and wraps, foreign investments, unlisted trusts, derivatives, direct property, collectables etc

Fund History fee - a one off fee if the fund history needs to be manually created on our system (no data export file - eg BGL Simple fund - can be provided


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