Empower your business to deliver better decision making, reduced compliance issues and provide a superior level of service

focus more time on providing high-value advice to your clients and

leave your client’s SMSF administration to a specialist team

that can improve efficiency and reduce hassle.

We know SMSFs…     … It’s all we do.


Administration Options

Daily or Annual

You can elect either a simple annual service or our premium full service with daily updates of transactions and investment values

Annual Service

Many clients don’t want any bells and whistles – they just want to meet their compliance obligations as quickly and costeffectively as possible. For these clients we provide a once a year “shoebox” service where you can upload a full year’s documents. We will process, prepare all reports and upload the final documents ready for signature – usually within 5 business days of receiving the documents

Daily Service

Daily administration is more than simply the basic compliance administration which includes the  preparation of financial statements and SMSF annual return.

Full administration’ provides additional services including: investment accounting, access to online investment platforms, investment analysis and reporting.
In addition to the up to date investment and member reporting (including contribution caps and pension limits) Supernova  also provides additional SMSF technical support via our qualified and experienced team.


Temporary SMSF Accounting Solution

We can cover for resignations, maternity, annual leave or just take a bit of pressure off if you are too busy

Software Transitions and Training

We can transition your software from BGL, Handisoft, MYOB to BGL360, Class or McLowd

Below is a table containing our included and optional services

For details:

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Transferring your SMSF Business to Supernova

Standard Annual Services
Included in Fee
Fund processing and administration
Preparation of annual financial statements
Preparation of the SMSF Annual return
Investment Reports
Income, realised and unrealised gains etc
Member statements
Trustee minutes
Fund set up (Trust deeds, compliance documents, minutes, draft investment strategy etc)
Fund Transition (from BGL simplefund or Class)
Full Pension administration (establishment, reset, annual min /max, Minutes)
$1.6M pension cap management and CGT rollover relief
Monthly reconciliation of accounts (transactional data and investment pricing updated daily)
Online access for you and youc clients to current SMSF information (you control access)
Reports and online presence branded with your firm Logo
Annual Fund Health check (Pension & Contrib limits, Compliance issues and planning opportunities)
Optional Services
Charged as required
Annual Independent Audit
Actuarial Certificate
Software access to BGL360 or Class Super - branded to your firm
Annual Tax Return Lodgement
Quaterly BAS and TBAR reporting
Property Valuations
Fund Transition where History needs to be recreated