All SMSF accounting services are the same… …aren’t they?

BGL-0002-1The end of year compliance process is pretty much the same wherever you go. Whether you pay $3,000 or $300 the end result is that you get financial statements, independent audit, member statements, tax return and some minutes.

So what distinguishes one provider from another?

Its really about how you get there. We want to make the process as easy for you as possible so we will do everything we can to simplify the process and reduce the amount of time you have to spend on the your  funds. Why?, because if we make it simple for you then it is simple for us. and if it is simple for us it allows us to manage your fund efficiently at a low cost.

When you look for a service provider there are only a few areas where you can differentiate and determine if you are getting value for money

  • Accuracy 
    • Of course you need to be sure the numbers are correct. We have developed a 2 stage review process to identify and resolve any issues before they get to you. Experienced CPAs check every fund and we also have developed automated checking processes that simplify this process
  • Timeliness
    • You dont want to be in a queue for weeks so we guarantee a fixed turnaround time or provide a discount. Alternatively, for urgent turnarounds we can negotiate a premium to make sure we can provide additonal resources to manage your funds
  • Personal Service
    • Personal service doesn’t mean we constantly contact you. In fact its the opposite. The less we contact you the better it is for you and us. You will always deal with the same accountant so you wont ever have to utter the words “I have already explained this to someone else”  We will be there when you need us, otherwise we will be happily working away in the background
  • Efficiency
    • Because of all the things mentioned above and our ‘obsession’ with making things more efficient by way of automation and processes we can give you one of the lowest prices around while not compromising on accuracy, timeliness and service.
  • Transparent Prices 
    • Supernova offers a fixed fee for service, so you will always know your fees in advance. There are no restrictions and no surprise bills.

Some SMSF providers charge add ons for every variation from the “standard” Others force you to use their banks, brokers and investment platforms. Our philosophy is simple: we provide a simple efficient service so that you can focus on maximising your clients retirement savings