Forms & Guides

Guides and Reference Description
* The TBAR Guide Sept 2018 Guide to who needs to report TBAR by 28th October 2018
* Changes in Super 2007 to 2018 Summary of key legislative changes since 2007
* Super Rates and Limits Quick Reference Guide 2018-9 Downloadable guide containing key Superannuation Contribution; income stream;benefit and transfer balance rates and limits
* Super Transfer Balance (TBAR) Flowchart An easy to follow flowchart to determine when and what to report for TBAR
* TBAR Summary A Brief guide for advisers to understand the identification and reporting requirements for TBAR
* Corporate Brochure Details of our services and benefits
* Transferring your SMSF Business A step by step guide to assist you transfer your funds to Supernova
* SMSF Property Borrowing Guide June 2018 Supernova guide to borrowing to purchase a property in an SMSF
Admin Forms Description
* Annual Checklist Client v2 Excel checklist to assist you in providing all required documents to us
*  Pension Advice Form to provide pension allocations for individual member pensions
* Contribution Advice Form to provide a breakdown of contributions by member and contribution type
* Pension Minimum Calculator A simple calculator to calculate minimum / maximum pension calculations